august '06 update
WE ARE STILL SLACK!!! But we've got a show! Can you believe it??

Thursday August 31 @ The Flying Anvil in Greensboro NC
WUAG presents : FREE SHOW w' DES ARK, Opening Flower Happy Bird and Embarrassing Fruits

february '06 update
WE ARE SLACK!!! But we've got lots of good reasons. We've been busy!

  • Chad is now a daddy. Check it out!
  • Matt loves his girlfriend, rock climbing, and his new death methal band UMLAUTEN.
  • Josh & Chad have been rocking alot in their other band ON THE TAKE.
  • Josh is unofficially a member of the Durham rock group THE NEIN, and they're getting ready to go to SXSW.
We're planning on booking a few shows in May here in Asheville. If you want to play with us email
Oh yeah, we now have a myspace page, so you should be our friend!!!

november '05 update
It has been a long time since we've updated this website, but MANBAND is still alive and kicking, we think.
There are 2 new MP3s available in the audio section.
POX Compulation Vol 2 is coming out soon, and we're playing a release party for it. Check out the shows page. T-Shirts are available at our shows for $5.00. Design on right.

P.S. Josh & Chad have a new band called ON THE TAKE which practices and communicates much more than the MANBAND. Check them out here!

june '05 update II
We're playing two more shows this month and we'll be recording two more songs with our magic recording box. One of the songs is going to be on the POX Compulation Vol 2 .
The other one will be available here for free of course.
may/june '05 update
Matthew has returned and pratice has commenced.
We'll be playing our first show in quite a long time on June 5th at the Grey Eagle in Asheville.
Our friends the Impossible Shapes as well as Odawas will also be playing.. Be there or be square. L7

Plus, check out these wicked awesome posters our friend Lance made for us over at Hand Cranked Letterpress
february '05 update
Matthew will be leaving us for a few months to perform electric and standup bass duties for the marvelous Crooked Fingers. They've got a great new album out. So if they are playing in your city go and see them!
february '05
Woo Hoo... We've got 4 new mp3s in the audio section. Check them out.
january '05 update
Alright, so there is apparently a prog rock band from Wales England called MAN that has like 20 albums out. Check them out! We're not them. We're MANBAND from Asheville NC USA, not MAN from Wales England. We've got four whole more letters in our band name than they do. We'd never heard of MAN before we decided to call ourselves MANBAND. Get it? Got it? Good! There is also a band from chapel hill NC called 'the man'. We're not them either.
january '05
What is up? MANBAND will be traveling to New York City to play a BIG ART SHOW. If you have friends in New York City please inform them. We are making some t-shirts. We are also going to record all of our songs this month on Chad's new magic recording box thing that hooks into his laptop.
december '04
Hey everybody! One of our favorite places in the world, Vincent's Ear, will be closing its doors on December 18th 2004. We'll be playing there a few times before then so come out and visit at Vincent's Ear before it is gone! Check out the shows section for the dates.
october '04
HOLY MOLY! Our 3 day tour was FANTASTIC!! The most fun I've ever had traveling with a band!
I'd like to thank a few special folks that really made our trip worthwhile, comfortable and FUN!
Shouts Out (name dropping)
Special thanks to Matt ( from ostinato ) and the staff of the tea bazaar in Charlottesville, suran and bill ( from suran song in stag ), Paul Conrad, Milton Carter, FRANKENNIXON, Roman Kuebler (from oranges band), liz, matt and everybody at the talking head in baltimore, j roddy walston, and slot racer.