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There Is No Dog      stream
For a long time this song was called the "fast song". Maybe one day it will be recorded without so many fuccups. Excuse me. The guitar riff is a ripoff of equal parts six finger satellite and shellac, but they probably ripped their riff off from pere ubu and gang of four.
The Metal Song      stream
With Josh at the helm, Chad on the cans, and of course Matthew on bass, MANBAND has once again delivered to you the finest in instrumental labotomization. We recomend listening to this one while soaking in a hot bath. Maybe with some of those sented oils or something in there too. Ahhh.
Bu ba ba ba     stream
Named just now for no reason, this song is one of the first MANBAND songs. We recorded this with the next 3 songs in the attic storage area at Matt's work on Chad's comuter with his new magic recorder box. Sounds kind of hissy..
Piedmont Charisma     stream
The second version of this song available on this website. Download them both, compare them. Which one is your favorite? This one is my favorite. Sounds kind of hissy..
Mammoth Threat (aka mammothreat (aka ma mom mu th hre a at))     stream
Uh oh, Chad's on the drums. Whatch out girl from the white stripes! Not that she is bad. but hey..
Don't Lie     stream
i don't have anything to say about this song..
care bare stair     stream
recorded by our friend john starling at UNCA. Notice our signature off key vocals. Parts of this song were a song by a band chad used to be in called timinaction.
untitled pratice song 1     stream
recorded in chad's basement with 2 poorly placed microphones.
piedmont charisma     stream
this song is about another band josh and i are in. recorded with untitled pratice song 1.
brainiac song     stream
this song was a brainiac demo song that we like and covered.